Theo van de Kamp (Founder Mediativity)

Contemporary, creative, inspiring, experienced and results-oriented Chief Digital Transformation Officer with passion for progress. He connects goals, strategy and execution, blends creativity with effectiveness and commerce with technology. He designs and leads Digital Transformations of companies that want to become future-proof.

Theo has 30 years of national and international experience through positions in Management, Marketing, Sales, Communication and Media at corporates, agencies, as entrepreneur and member of several Advisory Boards. He is active with Digital since 1996 and has a track record on innovation of products, services, processes and business models that lead to stronger brands and higher sales and profits. Theo has been involved in more than 1,500 projects for over 100 brands in more than 10 different industries which makes him a unique source of digital inspiration and experience.

Contact: info@mediativity.nl or +31 6 29240701